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Some Families
Some families don’t agree,
Some families don’t mingle,
Some families are just too different,
And if I had a million dollars,
I'd run away to another place.
Maybe then they'll understand that
It’s okay to not agree,
It’s okay to not mingle,
It’s okay to be this different,
And maybe with time,
They’ll come to understand,
Why I prefer to love them from afar.
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Chapter 2: Silent Intruder
"The trouble with most people is that they think with their hopes or fears or wishes rather than with their minds."
- WilLeom Durant

Stepping lightly along the worn wooden floors beneath her frail toes; she curled her wispy fingers around the banister. She slowly drifting upwards towards the scent she was hunting, careful not to touch the delicate boards that might creak in their age giving her presence away. Reaching the top, she twirled like a twisted ballerina in her excitement. With a hint of a smile she wafted darkly towards the door on her left; one of many that lined the hallway. Pressing herself against it, she could smell her prey, these youngling however were just beyond her reach, but attainable. Kneeling down, she sent forth a shapeless, shadowy army. She would remain…perched and ready to pounce… waiting with quiet anticipation for the very moment when her prey would try to escape her choking grasp.
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Chapter 1: A Fresh Start
“No river can return to its source, yet all rivers must have a beginning”
- Native American Proverb

Slipping through the cold, black night, the young man adjusted the rucksack’s thin straps and picked up his pace. Arriving at a small cottage in the middle of the woods, he rapped softly on the hard wooden door. With a creak the door opened slowly and an elderly woman stepped out, “We must hurry, there isn’t much time, did you bring it?”
Patting the rucksack behind him, the young man nodded, as the woman gave simple instructions, “Good, keep it covered up, it’s quite chilly tonight.”
The two set off towards the nearest town, making sure every now and than that they weren’t being followed. “How’s the misses?” the older woman asked trying to break the silence.
“She’s doing as well as can be expected. I’m sure she’d skin my hide if she knew that we were…”
“Watch your tongue!
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If God Exist
I have trouble
Seeing and
believing if God
My body bends
And pops
It creaks, it
It Horrifies some
by doing things
that no other body
My body hurts
And aches
It screams it
There are things
That ails
us all that
Yet I move on
With another
Snap, crackle,
I'm not a freak
Nor a
Cirque du Soliel
There are trials
and pitfalls
that other's don't
I shouldn't have to suffer
I shouldn't have to see
My husband in tears over
I'm only human
So I'm sure
He'll Understand, Why I
If I have a little trouble
That in a just world
If God exists at
:iconleighbain:leighbain 5 4
My Dearest Woobie
You're surgery was
Quite the success!
I've learned my lesson well.
My silly, sister egged me on
to clip your knotted scallop.
Mangling your precious holes,
you unraveled before my very eyes!
Dying at my feet, you laid
once whole, now two halves remain.
My mother's hands saved you, (of course,
with my added supply of tears and sniffles).
So, whole again, repaired and recovered,
We dash out to the forest,
My dearest Woobie,
For our next escapade!
:iconleighbain:leighbain 0 0
These Hazel Eyes
Deep within
These hazel eyes,
A child's smile,
A gentle at heart.
Deep within
These hazel eyes,
A flame burns bright
For you to see me
Deep within
These hazel eyes,
I'm only human
Can't all be forgiven?
Deep within
These hazel eyes,
You gaze beyond
And never see
Deep within
These hazel eyes,
A new spark burns
A new love grows
Deep within
These hazel eyes,
Mother, father,
Your time is up. For,
Deep within
These hazel eyes,
My new life begins
Just me and him.
:iconleighbain:leighbain 0 0
Soft white fur specked with chocolate just where it counts
Regal blue eyes tell all who truly owns this house.
She struts like a princess carefully examining every room she enters
Primping and preening her coat, should a piece fall out of place.
Whining if her food dish is not filled high enough,
Or if the lowly pauper should wander too close;
With a burst of energy, she dashes here and there.
Stopping just short ~ should another eye catch her at play
Tilting her head, graciously reminding all,
'Princesses don't play, we here to be admired'
Finding her favorite place to relax,
She'll turn to jump onto the bed
But alas, even princesses miss their footing.
Falling backwards to the ground with a graceful flop,
She collects herself quickly (after all she did land on her feet)
And with an upward flick of her tail she huffs, 'I meant to do that.'
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Leigh Bain
United States
Married for 12 years to the love of my life, I am studying Game Design and Programming at Devry Online. I and a freelance writer on the side where I review games and sometimes movies. I also like to write on the side when I get the chance to, but atm that's rare. I enjoy games, whenever I can, I'm on my computer playing a PC game like Sims 3 or a casual game like Burger Island haha, or an MMO like World of Warcraft (something about it has me addicted). I also play Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, DS and PSP on a regular basis. Rock Band2 and Guitar Hero 5 are my favorite games.

XBL: Binary Woman
PSN: binarywoman

World of Warcraft:
Server: Moon Guard

Faction: Alliance
Zakerias - 80 Human Rogue (Guild: The Last Stand)
Kasanaya - 71 Gnome Death Knight (Guild: The Last Stand)
Jyllien - 48 Draenei Shaman (Guild: Death Watch)
Qaysia - 35 Night Elf Priest (Guild: FortyTwo)
Katjana - 25 Human Warlock (Guild: The Gypsies)
Widgeta - 24 Gnome Mage (Guild: The Gypsies)

Faction: Horde
Trumae - 12 Blood Elf Hunter (Guild: None)
Tzadia - 8 Troll Shaman (Guild: None)

Facebook: Leigh Bain

Current Residence: Angleton, Texas
Favourite genre of music: not rap
Operating System: Vista
MP3 player of choice: Ipod
Shell of choice: FreeBSD
Wallpaper of choice: Whatever I'm in the mood for
Favourite cartoon character: Pumikel!
Personal Quote: Comment unto other's as you'd like commented unto you. - Me
I recently had surgery, so new pieces are on hold. More chapters for 'A Beginning' are my priority but I have some inspirations for more poems. More to come soon.
  • Listening to: East Jesus Nowhere - Green Day
  • Reading: How to Crochet
  • Watching: Daily Show with Jon Stewart
  • Playing: World of Warcrat - Moon Guard
  • Eating: Kettle Chips - Honey Dijon
  • Drinking: Koolaid


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